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Has the old heating system in your Newnan, Georgia, home finally turned off for the last time? Or perhaps your family has decided to upgrade and gift itself a more energy-efficient model. No matter the case, you’ll need a professional to install your new heating system. Otherwise, you risk running a heater that will waste energy and money.

Ensure Proper Installation

Prior to installing a new heating system in your home, it’s imperative that you purchase a unit that efficiently meets your home’s demands. To recommend the right heating system for your comfort needs, a service technician should:

  • Calculate your property’s size
  • Analyze your home’s heating capacity
  • Determine how many windows your property has
  • Evaluate your property’s thermal envelope

Once a service technician has examined your property and recommended the right heating system for it, make sure they’re qualified to also install it. At X-Stream Mechanical Services, we can complete both steps of this process.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

When you purchase and install a heating system that meets your home’s comfort needs, you’ll avoid overworking it. As a result, you’ll conserve energy and save money without sacrificing one bit of your comfort this winter. You’ll also reduce the risk of major breakdowns caused by strain and ensure your heater operates for its full life capacity.

Prevent Injury and Damage

Heating systems are complex pieces of HVAC equipment. Trying to install, repair, or maintain your furnace without proper training can result in injury or damage to your property. Don’t risk your safety to save a few bucks.

There are a few HVAC tasks you can perform on your own without professional help, but installing a new heating system isn’t one. You shouldn’t put your faith in an unproven HVAC contractor, either. Contact X-Stream Mechanical Services at 770-714-4885 to ensure you purchase the right heating system for your home and install it properly.