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With home zoning in Newnan, Georgia, you can customize your home’s indoor environment. Unlike all-or-nothing HVAC systems, a zone control system lets you decide which rooms get AC or heat. You also decide how much.

What Do I Need for Home Zoning?

If you currently have a central HVAC system, home zoning is easily added to the mix. All you need is a control panel, thermostats to govern temperatures and ductwork dampers to regulate air flow.

How Are the Desired Temperatures Maintained?

Thermostats connect to a central control panel. That control panel electronically opens or closes ductwork dampers to either block or allow treated air into a space. You determine the temperature you want in a zone by setting the thermostat accordingly. When the room has achieved the desired temperature, the damper closes. Treated air is then routed to other areas of the house as needed.

What Are the Benefits of Zoned HVAC Systems?

The primary benefits of zone control systems are targeted indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Let’s say your upstairs master bedroom is hot in summer while the downstairs is freezing cold. Zoning will give you the desired temperature in your bedroom without affecting temperatures elsewhere in the house. Zoning saves money because you’re heating and cooling only the rooms you use.

What Kind of Heating and Cooling Problems Do Zoned Systems Solve?

  • Inconsistent temperatures in multi-level homes and dwellings with large, open spaces
  • Inconsistent temperatures and hot or cold spots in homes with rambling floor plans
  • Excessive solar heat from large windows
  • Unnecessary heating and cooling in rarely-used rooms
  • Inconsistent heating and cooling in rooms with cathedral ceilings

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