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Knowing when to call for AC repair on your Newnan, GA, home is vital for the health of your system. If you suspect a problem, call sooner, not later. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. Here are four situations that need immediate professional attention:

Noisy Operation

Unlike ductless AC systems, central air conditioners can be noisy by nature. However, screeching, grinding, knocking, rattling, humming, clunking, banging and thumping are abnormal. Turn off the unit and schedule emergency air conditioner service.

Pools of Water

Water around your air conditioner’s indoor unit can indicate a clogged condensation drain line which can damage your air conditioner, drywall, ceiling and floor. Go outside and check the condensation drain pipe; it should emerge from your home near the AC’s outdoor unit, and water should be dripping from it whenever the AC is on. If there’s no drip, you may have a clog. You might also have a refrigerant leak, and that could pose a dangerous health hazard to anyone in the vicinity.

A Smelly System

Foul odors coming from your air conditioner are not normal and should be checked out. If your AC smells like it’s being fried, the wire insulation may have burned out. A musty, stale odor usually means that microbes are in the air conditioner or the ductwork, and the system needs a cleaning.

Reduced Airflow

Poor airflow through the vents can be due to an ailing AC compressor or to a blockage somewhere in the system. Operating an air conditioner with a blockage can severely damage the unit.

The service technicians at X-Stream Mechanical Services are experienced professionals who specialize in Trane HVAC systems but can diagnose and repair any type of equipment. In Newnan, Georgia, air conditioner maintenance is the easiest way to prevent AC repairs. To learn more about AC maintenance or to schedule emergency AC repair in Newnan, call (770) 714-4885.