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The flowers are starting to bloom and the birds are beginning to chirp in Newnan, Georgia. Now that spring is finally here, it’s time for homeowners to turn off their heating systems and prepare their air conditioners. If you want to maximize your energy savings this spring and summer, schedule HVAC maintenance right away.

HVAC Maintenance Lowers Your Cooling Bills

The sooner you schedule HVAC maintenance, the more you’ll save once you turn your air conditioner on. That’s because HVAC maintenance ensures your AC system is in good working order, conserving as much energy as possible without compromising your comfort. In fact, homeowners in Newnan save up to 40 percent on their energy bills by investing in this essential service. If you forgo it, you’ll most certainly spend more than needed to secure your comfort.

HVAC Maintenance Helps Prevent Costly Breakdowns

You can never completely prevent a breakdown from happening. After all, your air conditioner is a complex mechanical device with hundreds of components. What is in your control is to reduce that risk as much as possible.

When you schedule HVAC maintenance, a service technician will thoroughly inspect your air conditioner and repair any underlying issues. If they aren’t repairable, you’ll have time to replace your AC system before the heat arrives.

HVAC Maintenance Plans Include Cost-Saving Perks

Most homeowners aren’t qualified to perform maintenance. To avoid endangering your family and damaging your home, you need a professional’s help. When you invest in an HVAC maintenance plan, a professional will handle all the dirty work to make sure your AC system is ready to handle summer’s workload. By doing so, you’ll also save money by receiving discounts on repairs and not accruing overtime charges.

Do you still need to schedule HVAC maintenance this spring? Contact X-Stream Mechanical Services today at 770-714-4885 to book your appointment and avoid the longer wait times later in the season.

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