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Air Conditioning Repair

Most residential homes and commercial buildings in Georgia use a central air conditioning system to cool their spaces. Unfortunately, many of those AC units aren’t maintained regularly and eventually break down because of it. Whether it’s because of negligence or normal wear, X-Stream Mechanical Services has experience working with all models of air conditioners and performing all types of AC repairs. When the summer is hot, and your AC fails to keep you cool, contact us to repair it quickly.

Air Conditioning Repairs That Address the Problem Properly

air conditioning repair

A broken down air conditioner is never an ordeal you want to deal with when the temperature outside has risen above 90 degrees. To restore your comfort, most HVAC contractors will rush to repair your AC without properly addressing the heart of the problem, which only leads to costlier consequences later on.

At X-Stream Mechanical Services, all of our service technicians have experience working with the many components that compose your air conditioning system. While we’ll work quickly to complete the air conditioning repair, we’ll never sacrifice quality workmanship just to momentarily fix the problem.

Call Us if You Experience These AC Problems

  • Inconsistent airflow blowing out of the supply vents
  • Strange noises coming from the central air conditioning system
  • AC not turning on or unit acting erratically – i.e. frequent cycling

Regular AC Maintenance Helps Prevent Repairs

The number-one way to prevent an unexpected AC repair on an exhaustively hot summer day is to maintain your unit regularly. Unfortunately, many homeowners forgo this investment without realizing that it pays for itself in no time.

Benefits of Investing in Routine AC Service

  • Improve system efficiency and lower your monthly energy costs
  • Catch minor issues before they develop into major repairs or a replacement
  • Extend your AC’s life cycle by reducing strain and its overall workload

Fast and Friendly AC Repair in West Central Georgia

Although we’re always hoping to expand our HVAC services to provide comfort to even more customers and communities, we currently perform air conditioning repair in Coweta County, Georgia, and these surrounding areas:

  • Carrollton, GA
  • Hogansville, GA
  • Newnan, GA
  • Peachtree City, GA

If you’re in need of an air conditioning repair in the aforementioned areas, or if you’d like more information about one of our peak performance maintenance plans, contact X-Stream Mechanical Services at (770) 714-4885.