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Water Heater Installation

Like most homeowners, you probably don’t give your home’s water heater a second thought until you need hot water for a shower on a cold winter morning and don’t receive it. As with any other home appliance, a water heater can wear out over time. To avoid getting stuck shivering and shaking outside the shower – or worse, in one – you should familiarize yourself with the signs of a faulty water heater so you can contact X-Stream Mechanical Services if you notice one.

For our Tankless water heaters, we use Rinnai, one of the leading water heater brands. Our technicians are trained to repair all water heaters but we use Rinnai’s most exclusive line of tankless water heaters for installations. Their tankless water heaters are built to last and achieve maximum energy efficiency. Save money, save energy, save the environment, and enjoy the pleasures of hot water whenever you want.

We Repair Water Heaters So You Don’t Get Caught Without the Hot

While X-Stream Mechanical Services specializes in working with residential and commercial HVAC systems, we’ve recently extended our list of services to include water heater installations and repairs. If you experience any one of these symptoms of a faulty water heater in your home or office, you’ll need our professional help:

Signs of a Faulty Water Heater

  • Leaking: Standing water is a major warning sign that there’s an issue with your water heater. We can determine whether we can repair the leak or need to replace the water heater entirely.
  • Lack of hot water: Adjust your water heater’s thermostat and see if that helps. If not, there’s something wrong with your water heater. Our skilled service technicians can solve the problem.
  • Old age: Most water heaters wear out after 10 to 15 years. If your water heater is approaching this mark, you should schedule a professional inspection before something goes wrong.

Trained to Repair and Replace Water Heaters of All Types

It doesn’t matter if you own a water heater with a storage tank or a tankless water heater. Our service technicians have proven their technical ability to work with any type of water heater. In fact, unlike most HVAC contractors, X-Stream Mechanical Services has even earned Trane’s stamp of approval because of how proficient our team is at repairing and replacing such systems. As a dedicated Trane dealer, we’ve worked hard to earn the respect of the HVAC industry’s leading manufacturer. We’ve accomplished this tough yet worthwhile feat by:

  • Hiring the most skilled HVAC professionals in the area and continually training them
  • Serving our customers with a smile and ensuring their 100-percent satisfaction
  • Completing every HVAC request to the highest of industry standards

Water Heater Installation in West Central Georgia

We currently provide our water heater services to Coweta County, Georgia, and these surrounding areas:

  • Carrollton, GA
  • Hogansville, GA
  • Newnan, GA
  • Peachtree City, GA

If your water heater is acting erratically, don’t wait a minute longer before contacting X-Stream Mechanical Services at (770) 714-4885.